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5 Reasons Why Your Table Saw is Not Cutting Straight

Do you need help getting your table saw to cut straight? We all get complacent and oftentimes look over simple fixes. We go over 5 simple things you may have overlooked when your table saw is cutting crooked.

Below, are a list of tips that will help you make sure that your table saw cuts straight.

  1. Poor Form
  2. Wrapped Blade
  3. Loose Blade Holding Nut
  4. Misplaced Blade
  5. Misaligned Fence

We go into more detail on these tips to help you figure out what the issue may be.

The Blade Is Not Properly Aligned

Firstly, you must make sure your Miter slot is parallel to both the blade and the fence. It is critical to stay inline. You will need a decent framing square firstly.

Follow the steps that are below to prevent problems with your alignment.

  1. Arrange your table saw motor arbor angle at a 0-degree stop.
  2. Find a layout square or framing square.
  3. Inspect your blade to make sure that it stays square to the top (at 90-degrees). If it is out of line, then re-align it.

Blade alignment can be overlooked at times. Checking the angle over multiple times can often help.

Wrapped Blade

You need to deal with a wide variety of workpiece types in a typical woodworking shop. Some workpieces are soft and some are hard.

After cutting relatively hard material, your table saw blade may end up having a bent edge. Also, the blade may lose some of the so-called teeth.

That problem is referred to as a wrapped blade. Since a wrapped blade does not have a straight edge, it can potentially tear down your wood pieces and result in an uneven cutting line.

Loose Blade Holding Nut

Usually, the blade of a saw is locked in place by a nut. If a nut is over-tightened, then your saw blade may stop spinning and cutting too.

That is one of the most prevalent situations where a saw stops cutting mid-cut. To be clear, an over-tightened nut of the saw blade is not the main cause that leads to an uneven cut.

It is an over-loosened nut that is the main reason for a trembling edge. Also, a vibrating table saw blade can not result in a straight cut.

The blade holding nuts can be loosened after spinning for a long period of time. This is a common scenario.

Follow the steps right below to solve the loose blade holding nut issue.

  1. You may have to disclose your tabletop at first to tighten up a nut.
  2. If you can move a nut, then it is surely not tightened correctly. Make sure to hold your blade and try to move it to the side.
  3. Find a spanner and slowly begin to tighten the nut. Continue to do this until you can not move the blade to the side any longer.

Make sure that you do not over-tighten the nut.

Misplaced Blade

Typically, in a table saw, the blade is connected to a motor arbor. And the blade stays in the middle of the table by elevating its head.

If you need to perform a particular cut, then you need to make sure that you align the saw blade head against the table saw top.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to do and oftentimes it can be done incorrectly and you end up with a misaligned saw blade as a result.

Misaligned Fence

Your table saw fence is one of the most significant accessories that assist carpenters in their goal to get straight cuts. After inspecting a blade and an arbor nut, you may still have a difficult time cutting a flawless straight line with your saw.

A misaligned fence that you are using may be the cause of bad cuts. It does not just produce an uneven cut, but also, as you may know, can cause saw kickback.

To prevent a dangerous saw kickback, make sure to align the fence to your table saw miter slot.

Follow the steps right below to solve the misaligned fence issue.

  1. Slowly slide the fence into its slot and then lock one end of it.
  2. Next, place the other end carefully so that your fence remains at a 180-degree to the blade tip.

Usually, woodworkers use the table saw fence horizontally to get decent cuts on the wood.


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