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DIY Germination Chamber

How to Build a Seed Germinator chamber from a salvaged refrigerator. Once complete you will have your own professional moisture & temperature controlled Germination Chamber.

Check out the video to see how the Seed Germinator Works!

Do you need a great way to start a lot of seeds for your greenhouse operation, or even just for fun? Let me show you how to turn that old junk refrigerator into a state of the art seed germination box.

You can find lots of free plans and ideas online from people who have built their own germination chambers but all of these require you to manually water the seed trays to keep them moist. My germination chamber has built-in steam to keep the moisture level consistent and makes it easy to get consistent results without tending it all the time or having to tediously water each tray.

Our unique design gives you a much evener temperature and moisture throughout the unit, without electric heating pads.

We used ours to start over 350 flats of seeds with great results, saving our small greenhouse operation over $7,500.00

Tomatoes are up in 4 days every time and peppers in 6 with very even results. Anyone that has tried to start peppers on the bench can appreciate this kind of results.

We spent around $349.00 to turn an old refrigerator into a very efficient steam box germination box that holds 40 seed trays.
I put together a 24-page guide with photos to show you how you can do the same. I have included my email address as well as my phone number. If you have any questions or run into a snag, I will try to help you be a successful grower, saving you a lot of money over buying your plugs from the big guys.
Darold G

SAVE $1,000’s & make extra money by building your own Seed Germinator Machine


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