Motorcycle Bike Lift Plans




These simple plans will guide you through the easy process of building your own air/hydraulic bike lift table. Just like the pros use!
I designed these plans to take you smoothly step by step through the building process with tons of detailed CAD drawings and pictures. Just follow step by step and you can’t go wrong!
The lift is designed to be built easily with minimal moving parts and minimal materials and a very simple design.
No need to worry about geometry problems, more materials and moving parts encountered when building scissor type lifts. Fewer materials and fewer moving parts makes for an easy, quick, and less expensive build.

? Detailed materials list included for everything you will need to complete.
? Complete info on where to get the air/hydraulic ram!
? Lift will have safety stops to keep bike raised without worry of it falling.
? Can be locked at different heights.
? Removable rear ramp and front tire stop.
A bike lift makes maintenance, and working on your bike easier and is a must for anyone building a custom motorcycle! Get your bike up off the floor to a comfortable height so you don’t have to bend over or kneel on the floor!
This is a air activated hydraulic lift cylinder so it raises with the push of a button!
Sturdy steel construction adds peace of mind when holding up your pride and joy!? This lift is as sturdy as the $1500 lifts! Not like a wobbly China knock off lift!
Fun and easy Motorcycle Bike Lift Project!


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