Bear BBQ GRILL CNC Plasma DXF Files Download

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Bear BBQ DXF Files For Plasma Cutting

The Bear BBQ DXF Download Package Includes:
Complete set of .dxf cutting files
These vector files are compatible with all laser cutting software, CNC plasma cutting machines

Bear Grill DXF File Specifications:

Materials: frame steel 2 mm (0,08″), brazier steel 4 mm (0,16″)

Length: 1332 mm (52,44094″)

Width: 482 mm (18,9764″)

Height: 725 mm (28,5433″)

Height of the brazier level: 589 mm (23,189″)

Size of the brazier: 470x270x224 mm (18,5039″x10,6299″x8,8189″)



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