Alternator Welder Plans

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Homemade Welder
DIY Welder From Truck Alternator
This is a DIY Home Made Welder Guide by Mike From Michigan who lives off the grid and has many money saving DIY Plans and Guides. He shows you how to build your own welder from a DELCO 34SI Truck Alternator.

This Home Made Welder can be used as a Stick Welder or a DIY 120 Volt DC Generator to run Brush Motors such as a Circular Saw, Hand Drill, Electric Chainsaw, Vacuum Cleaner, any brush type motor could be run from the DC Generator Plans – Welder Plans.

DIY Welder – DIY Generator Benefits:

Use as a Power Source For a Tig Gun.
Simple To Build
Can often be found INEXPENSIVELY at the Scrap Yard!

The Homemade Welder shown here is driven from an Old 12 HP Sears Garden Tractor
Very Simple To Build – NO REWINDING

If you start out with a functioning Alternator all you have to do is pull out a few pieces and hook a battery to it!

Start Building Your Alternator TIG Welder DC Generator Today!

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