15 Plasma Cutter Project Ideas For Turning A Profit [Plus, Custom Files]

It’s not always easy figuring out popular pieces you can cut and sell from your plasma cutter, especially when you are just starting out. Getting a plasma cutter up and operational costs quite a bit and can take some time working out the kinks. But in this article, we hope to help you create stunning projects while you master the craft of plasma cutting.

Many businesses add a plasma cutter to speed up the process of making parts for their metal fabrication business.  Others get into CNC plasma cutting to quickly create and sell art among other useful fun products.  

The question remains…….

What types of pieces could be made quickly?

Where can I quickly find CNC plamsa cutting projects that sell?

What have other plasma cutters had success with?

What could sell quickly?

Whether you are an established business or have a part-time home plasma cutting operation or even do CNC plasma cutting as a hobby, it’s always nice to come up with unique new items that sell and help make some extra money.  

Cut & sell more…

What if you had 15 unique ideas that you knew about that others had success with?  Well, we can’t guarantee sales or the future but we can list out some popular CNC plasma art files that we created and have sold well for others.

With several of our plasma art designs listed below and your abilities and equipment, the options are endless.  Not only can you create these stand-alone projects but you could also incorporate these plasma DXF files into other projects you are working on for even additional profits.

Today, we want to give you the breakdown on 15 stunning projects that are great selling popular designs. We picked these DXF art ideas because they can be done without extra welding and time consuming fabrication.

Cut, Clean, Paint = Completed!

Most don’t take long, and we even throw in more than 1 design on a couple of our hexagon fire pits giving you more variety to offer to your customers.

An Important Reminder

Some of the options we discuss are a little more involved than others, but we purposely try to pick ideas that others have found popular.  So here you go…….. our top 15 plasma cutting projects that you can begin today.

Plasma Cutting Project #1- The Hexagon Fire Pit

Plasma cutter project ideas
CNC Plasma Cut Hexagon Fire Pit

This project is one of my favorites. I’m assuming it’s because I love anything outdoors and having a quick project to create a beautiful fire-safe pit for the backyard is an easy, cheap project that you can complete quickly. You can enjoy this project once completed with the whole family or your friends and colleagues. It will surely get its use.

Very popular portable design.

For starters, once you cut it out all you have left to do is clean it up and paint it with some high temp spray paint.  Or you could even offer them for less unfinished and let the customer paint their own. There is no cutting or welding involved on this design.

Why waste your time to create the design yourself or your employees for that matter when you can download it instantly for a lot less.  No need to create the design of the fire pit or even the wildlife designs for cutting.

We have the entire design complete and ready for download, and it comes with 5 different DXF plasma designs giving you options to create a variety of different portable fire pits. You can find out all of the specs for this DXF file download here. People really love this one!

Wait till you see our Chiminea fire pit Design!

Plasma Cutting Project #2- The Wild Bear Clock

This design will not only create nice decor for any wall buy also doubles as a clock.  Like with the majority of our designs its pretty much completed after your done cutting it out.  After you clean it up it can be finished in many different ways.

We designed this one with a .375 dia hole in the center that you can easily mount simple clock hands and hardware.  Add a wall mount and you are finished, no extra labor involved. This is a hit with anyone who loves animals and the outdoors.

One of the easiest projects on the list to create quickly and efficiently.  Check out the specifications, size and more details here.

Plasma Cutting Project #3- The Chiminea Fire Pit

60 Inch Chiminea Fire Pit

This is a step up and not as portable as our first fire pit design mentioned in this article.  However this style is becoming more popular with a variety of different designs on the market today.

Once again we designed this one without having to do any welding or bolting. It easily slips together and can be taken down in no time when the season is over and stored out of the elements keeping it in great shape for another season.Log Burning Chiminea CNC Design

Chiminea CNC Plasma No Weld Design

This particular fire pit is great for people who have an outdoor patio area but like to keep the mess contained. Unique stylish design for home or cabin use where you like to sit around, relax and enjoy the outdoors. This is becoming a popular seller and would be a great fire pit to add to the plasma cut products you make.

As a bonus, yet again we have a completely designed DXF File for you. It would be great if you could share some pictures with us for the photo gallery with us once completed and leave a comment so we know how it turned out for you. Check out one of these great designs here.

Plasma Cutting Project #4- Slide Together Wine Rack

Slide Together Wine Rack Plasma File

Simplicity.  That’s what this DXF cut project is all about.  From the design to the artwork, it is easy to cut and easy to assemble. Wine is loved by many and so is this wine rack for storing wine.  

Simple To Cut Unique Wine Rack

The best part about this plasma cut project is how easy they are to make.  Its pretty hard to mess these up as there is very little finishing.  Many metal fabricators know that the more steps there are to produce the final product the more chances you or a employee has to making a mistake.  Keep your projects simple to produce and in turn it will keep more profits in your pocket.

Talk about keeping up the with Jones? Am I right?

With the popularity of Wine and a unique design, individuals love to purchase a custom made wine rack like this for one of a kind gifts or for themselves.  Check out the complete dimensions, more information and the popular CNC plasma project download here.

Plasma Cutting Project #5 – Dad’s BBQ Sign

Dads Smokin BBQ CNC Plasma Cut Sign
Courtesy of Welch’s Chop Shop

We love the design of this Porky Pig style Dad’s BBQ sign and so will you and your customers!  

This project will give you great flexibility for making extra cash with your plasma table.  For example, it can be sold to bars, restaurants, caterers and more with their own custom name. This goes without saying all the numerous BBQ lovers who smoke and grill meats at home.

Great Design For Home or Business

This along with our other Grillin’ and Chillin’ CNC plasma files have become very popular.  Whether you cut and sell this unique piece of metal art as is or change the name to a business, or individual it is a great seller.

Time is money so don’t waste hours designing it yourself when you can download this Porky BBQ CNC DXF file, check out more details.

Plasma Cutting Project #6- Ice-Cold Beer Sign

dxf files for sale
Retro Beer Plasma Cut Sign

Another popular retro beer design we came up with a couple years back and still a popular one cut and sold by many plasma cutters.

This can be finished in many different ways to give that throwback old classic look.  Many have cut and left it bare steel (cleaned & clear coated) spray painted, or powder coated.  Others have mounted it on a different colored background giving it a 3-dimensional look and contrasting color for the letters and border. 

Retro Style Beer Sign Metal Art!

A great seller with local online ads, flea markets and fairs. Another idea for sales is to make several in qty and wholesale them to other retailers and resellers. The possibilities are endless as this sign is a great fit for rec rooms, man caves, bars, restaurants and more.  Check out more details and other different beer signs and sayings here.

Plasma Cutting Project #7- The Complaint Sign

humorous cnc dxf files
Complaint Sign Downloadable DXF File

This is one of the most entertaining and unique ideas that made our list of great plasma cutting projects to start today. It’s easy file to cut out and will sure give any visitors a good laugh.

Humorous DXF File Download

Like many of the projects that make our list, this is another that really adds some humor and spice to any man cave, garage or office. Designed for cutting at only 16 inches wide they can be cut out fairly quickly with little material. This could also make for an excellent gift for any of the buddies that have a strong liking for entertaining wall pieces in their own man cave.

Check out more of the details here along with the custom DXF File that you can use to create this project with ease.

Plasma Cutting Project #8- Mason Jar Moonshine DXF Design

Corn Liquor Moonshine DXF File

It took several hours and tweaks to get this Moonshine File just right but we have been offering it for sale now for over 3 years with great success for many plasma cutters. 

It can be cut out of 14 gauge steel then painted or powder coated like the picture displayed here.  For a different look, some have cut out of polished stainless steel giving it a “glass” type appearance.

Old Fashioned Moonshine Top Selling Design

This has been a top seller for quite some time and great for home, bar, or restaurant decor. It can be cut at 12-14 inches high which has a broad appeal or enlarged for a custom window display to really grab attention.  

Since this original first design has been so popular, we have now come up with many other Moonshine themes, check them all out here. These are extremely popular and easy to create and will surely catch a visitors eye.

Plasma Cutting Project #9- The Metal Fish Sign

This is one of the projects I don’t have my own custom plan for yet but still deserved to make a list. It’s great for any outdoor enthusiast.

Who Doesn’t Love Some Fishing?

Have a father, grandfather or even father in law that loves fishing and the outdoors? This can make the perfect gift. Maybe also you love fishing, and you create it just for yourself as a beautiful piece to hang over the fireplace. You can scale it to size if you choose too and it can be finished in many different colors when it’s near completion.

If you choose to, you could even re-sell the project without any issue. I assure you the demand would be plentiful for a piece of wall décor such as this sign.

Plasma Cutting Project #11- The Wall Scone

Wall sconces are another great addition to the exterior of a home to give it some life and some pop. Traditional lights you can purchase in the house are boring, and all look the same. Not anymore.

A Unique Way To Stand Out From The Neighbors

Creating your own not only saves money and a trip to the local home department store but gives you a chance to stand out from the of the neighbors on the block. These are easy to create, will save plenty of money and can be fully customizable to fit your style and blend nicely with your home. A definite must consider for any skill levels of plasma cutters.

Plasma Cutting Project #12- The Business Sign

If you don’t think you need this project to spice up your image for your business, you are wrong. For effort involved to create this piece and the unique look and branding it could deliver to your business you can’t go wrong. It’s a must have and a must try project.

Every Business Should Consider This Project

This would be one of the easiest items on the list for you to market and re-sell. You could quickly gain traction with this project and have businesses lining up wanting you to create one for them. Plasma cutters aren’t the cheapest tool in the shop so use this to your advantage to create some stylish signs to give all the local businesses some flare and style.

Plasma Cutting Project #13- The Fireplace Screen

The fireplace screen can serve as a decorative addition your brick fireplace stoop and foundation. Not to mention, they are an added safety feature to keep embers from reaching your carpet or flooring.

Safety and Usability Is What This Project Is All About

Many homes in today’s neighborhoods still have woodburning fireplaces, and many probably are in need for the screen not only for safety but to add some character to the room. Flip a quick buck and start making these in higher quantities to sell to others in your community.

Plasma Cutting Project #14- The Custom Sign for Your Childs Bedroom

Brand your child’s bedroom with a custom plasma plan that can really make the kid’s bedroom come to life. It’s a quick and easy process and something your kid will surely remember.

Forget Your Kid’s Birthday Gift? Hurry up and Make It

Another easy project to create as gifts or re-sellable plans that you can market to nearly anyone. It doesn’t necessarily even have to be for a kid’s bedroom. This could be another great plan that could serve as custom wall décor for a man cave or even the wife’s home office. The options are limitless with this project and don’t require a substantial amount of skill to complete.

Plasma Cutting Project #15- The Pool Shark Mancave Sign

This is great for anyone with an incredible mancave stocked full of goodies. Pool and darts, beers and football games are about all you need to make it an enjoyable weekend. Except one thing. Wall décor that brings the mancave to life.

Fun Unique Pool Shark Design

This can be the final touches you need to take your mancave from dull to alive. They are easy to create and most of the friends, colleagues and family will want their own once they realize you can create them.

I have another custom DXF File. You can view it here. This will have you making as many of these as you wish in no time at all. Feel free to check it out if you are ready to get to work.

Putting It All Together- There’s A Plasma Cutting Project to Fit Everyone’s Style and Budget.

Whether you enjoy welding plans or plasma cutting plans, the sky is the limit.

With plasma cutting, you need to expand your mindset a bit and learn that it’s okay to turn a profit from time to time. It can be a lucrative fun hobby if you choose to take that path. Especially considering how much you have probabl spent on all your equipment. It’s time to recoup some of those cost using any means necassary and get you back to a break even point. If not, that’s okay too. You can use your skills to create your home décor and really give your home those touch ups it needs and deserves.

All the DXF Custom Files listed in the descriptions above can make any of these projects as easy as it can get. They are designed to be turnkey and ready for use. I hope you enjoyed this post and can’t wait to see which projects you decide to get started with.

Do you have any projects you think need to be added to our list? What’s the most unique piece you have created in recent time. Be sure to drop a comment below.

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