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6 Gift Ideas For Welders: What We’d Wish You Got Us!

6 Gift Ideas For Welders: What We’d Wish You Got Us!

Welding is one of those things that requires a lot of equipment. Not only do you need your working gear, but you also need your safety equipment and any other tools that might make the job a little bit easier. In short, they (welders) need a lot of stuff! So whether you are trying to look for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or a present for a special occasion in general for that welder in your life, this article is for you!

This list contains six excellent gifts that any welder will love. So no matter if you are buying gifts for a beginner or an experienced welder, You can’t go wrong with any of these! Hope you find this article useful.

Instapark ADF Series GX990T Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Many welders still take the old fashioned route of using manual helmets for various reasons. And if that is the case, then you should go right ahead and get that welder in your life this awesome auto-dimming helmet from instapark. This particular one has the design of an American eagle, but they also several different ones for sale, so if you don’t like this one, you could go right ahead and check out the different designs they have available.

As I talked about in this article, welding can be pretty bad for the eyes, so it’s important that you make sure your loved one is welding with the proper safety equipment. And unlike several other welding helmets out there, this one is much more ergonomic and comfortable, especially on hotter weather. One of the main reasons welders are not wearing helmets is because they can get really hot inside. Instapark knew this and they tried their best to improve the ventilation of this helmet. The result is a fresh & comfortable piece of equipment that anybody could wear for hours without any problem.

Aside from this, there are few welding equipment brands that could say that they have a helmet with an American eagle design for sale. In fact, any American would love this helmet! I personally know several welders and let me tell you, we tend to be very patriotic, with a few friends even using gear with patriotic themes like this flag design when working. So if the person that you are gifting to very nationalist, this could be a great choice for a gift!

Welding: It’s Like Sewing With Fire | Funny Welder, Repairman Unisex T-Shirt

Everybody loves a good joke, and that is especially true with us welders. So, gifting a dope shirt like this one from the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company could never go wrong! I personally have been buying shirts from this company for years now, and let me tell you: they have really stood the test of time. The person that you are gifting to could wear this with a nice jacket for a casual night out to your local bar, wear it with some comfy shorts for the weekend BBQ, or even better: use it when welding! 

Unlike some other companies making these types of shirts, the Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company has really spent some more money on making sure the quality of these is higher, and you will definitely notice this as soon as you have this on your hands. The fabric feels soft to the touch, it’s actually ringspun, 30/1 fine jersey knit on 100% USA-grown cotton. Plus, this shirt provides adequate ventilation for those hot summer days. Plus, its definitely a conversation starter!

Another big pro: these shirts are quite affordable, perfect if you need to buy a gift on a budget. As I mentioned above, I have bought several of these over the years, not only because of the quality of the shirts but because they don’t overcharge you for it. In short, this is a great gift that won’t make a dent in your wallet.

Welding Skills, Processes and Practices for Entry-Level Welders: Book 1

It doesn’t matter If the welder that you are gifting to is just a beginner or a seasoned veteran, gifting a welding book is always a good idea! In fact, I would say this is a great book even for more advanced welders because it’s much more comprehensive when it comes to several welding processes while being accessible enough for most beginners to get it. If the person that you are gifting to fits the bill, then this is highly recommended!

This book was actually meant to be a compliment to a specific set of welding classes, but the book is so well written that anybody can use this as a standalone guide or for a different class. Everything that a beginner welder needs to know is in this text, including even safety protocols, gear, and more. 

Just keep in mind that this book is bigger and bulkier than other welding books on the market today. This might not be a problem if the person is going to be reading it in their office or at home, but I know several welders that actually prefer to take their book to the workshop and read it while they are welding. If that’s the case with the person that you are going to be gifting to, then getting a smaller book might be wise. NOTE: If you want to know more about this, let me tell you that I actually made an article talking about the topic. Please click here to read it!

KASTFORCE Portable Welding Table

As I mentioned above, welders tend to use a lot of gear, especially those who weld for a living. That’s why one of the most useful pieces of equipment a welder can have is actually a portable welding table! This one, in particular, is especially useful because not only can you weld and use it for your projects at the top, but there’s a lower tray where you can put diverse tools and gear in general. This might be the most useful gift on this list, so if you know that the giftee doesn’t have one like these, this can easily be the best choice on this list!

Another big pro of this table over many other entry-level ones is the fact that the wheels on this one can be locked down so that the table doesn’t move while working on it. This might seem like a feature that all tables like this have but let me tell you: not all welding tables feature it. Not only this, the lock on the wheels are very sturdy and very effective. You can really put a lot of weight on this table without worrying about it rolling away if you accidentally bump into it.

There’s another big pro of this gift, and it’s the fact that it’s rather well made when you consider the price. This gift is under 200 bucks, quite the decent deal when you think about the quality of the table. Now, this isn’t a high-end table by any means, and part of the reason it’s so affordable is because it isn’t as big as other tables out there. Again, this can be one of the best gifts on this list, especially if the giftee doesn’t have one of these.

Miller Electric 229895 Gauge, Wire Metal Sizes

This is a very useful gift for both seasoned welders and beginners alike. In fact, this is perhaps the perfect gift for welders who want to know how much power to use on their welders. Many old school welders tend to measure the thickness of a metal sheet by eye, which is not a very good idea in my opinion. Step up their game by getting them this thickness gauge!

I personally like gifting things that are actually useful for the person, so if you are like me, let me tell you that this is a really good choice for that welder in your life. MIller made sure that the metal is as legible as possible, and they even added a few nifty features such as a key chain holder. Best of all: this is a super cheap gift! I would advise that you buy several of these if you are going to gift these because they are easily lost.

Also, this would also make a great gift for anybody that also does woodworking, construction work, etc… anybody that needs to measure the thickness of a material. And if you want something a little bit more unique, you could even buy a custom metal thickness gauge with diverse designs, such as an American flag.

Welder Gifts Welder Nutritional Facts Label Gag Gift Gift Coffee Mug Tea Cup White

Another great gift that you can’t go wrong with is this welding coffee mug. I’m pretty sure that you probably thought of gifting something like this, and let me tell you: if you are gifting to a seasoned welder, he’s going to love it! I personally gifted this to a family friend who welds for a living and he really appreciated this. This could make a great pair with the welder shirt above. All in all, an excellent gift to any welder!

This is an 11-ounce mug, which can be considered the average size for a mug. However, there are folks who would like something bigger or thicker. If so, There’s also a bigger 15 inch mug available.

This is just one example of a humorous welders mug poking fun at nutrition. There are many other funny mug designs available by ThisWear company (on Amazon) targeted to welders. 

I personally bought this one for myself a few months ago. They are made by the same company, so you should check them out if you are looking for a different type of graphic on the mug!


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